lauantai 26. maaliskuuta 2011

Hi there again! I was wondering witch class you like the most in TF2? (for dummies: Team Fortress 2)
I have been playing The Sniper and The Scout lately. Here's some info on both classes:



Primary weapon: Sniper rifle
Secondary weapon: SMG (I use the Razorback)
Melee: Machete (I use the Tribalman's shiv)

The official Meet the Sniper video. Made by valve.


-The sniper rifle, it has 100% accuracy however you move while shooting, scoped or not.
If you go to the options menu you can make the normal crosshair visible without having to scope.


medium health (150)
Easy victim for spies (That's why i use the Razorback)



Primary weapon: Scattergun
Secondary weapon: Pistol (I use Mad Milk)
Melee: Bat

The official Meet the Scout video. Made by valve.


High speed. you travel as scout much faster than any other character in TF2
You can dubble-jump witch means you get to higher places faster than other character without any health loss.
If you're taking over an control point you gain the point twice as fast than you would normally do.


Low health: 125

That's it for today. I will continue later with more TF2 stuff stay tuned!


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